Saturday, March 24, 2018

Spring Break Girls' Day 2018 - Lindsborg

My mom and sister and the girls and I have had a Girls' Day over Spring Break for a number of years. Usually it's a day trip or even just time hanging out together and we all look forward to it. This year for our Girls' Day we went to the little town of Lindsborg to experience a bit of Swedish culture.

We started off by wandering through a shop crammed full of dala horses, gnomes, trolls, Swedish flags, Scandinavian cookbooks, imported Swedish candies, and a million other Swedish delights. Such a fun place to browse!

The back of the store houses a workshop where traditional dala horses are crafted.

The workers gave Rachel her own little horse cutout!
We stopped by a self-serve bakery for a snack. It's located in the middle of several little art galleries. You choose the goodies you want and leave money in a basket!

We tried lingonberry bars, pasties filled with bluberries, and a peanut butter cookie with peanut butter icing. Delicious!
We visited other little shops and galleries, stopping to sit every now and then.

Once we'd explored all the little shops, the fair trade store, and the toy store, we had lunch at the Swedish Crown restaurant. After checking out the menu, we agreed to all order something different and then share. That way, we could try lingonberries 6 different ways - on Swedish pancakes (which are somewhere between a crepe and an omelette), as a spread on a turkey sandwich, as a side with traditional Swedish meatballs and dilled potatoes, mixed in barbecue sauce on a burger, as a syrup in iced tea, and as a spicy sauce on sweet potato fry nachos. It was all tasty!

Lindsborg is a cool little town and we enjoyed our day there!

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