Saturday, March 24, 2018

Girls' Day 2018 - Coffee Shop Friends

13 years ago, we met a family who was in the process of adopting from China. Katherine had only been home a few months and she was one of the first Chinese children they had met. Tami and I became friends and I was happy to share our experiences with her. Nearly a year later, Tami's family was matched with a little girl just a few weeks younger than Katherine. Amazingly, Amy was from the same orphanage as Katherine. They had spent their first months together, long before we even knew of their existence. Tami and I have never stopped marveling at luck or chance or divine plan that brought two tiny girls from an orphanage in southern China to families who already knew each other and lived not far apart.

When Katherine and Amy were little, Tami and I met often to give them the chance to play together. We went to the zoo and met for lunch and spent time together at events hosted by our adoption agency or Families with Children from China. Tami's family added 3 more children from China and we brought Rachel home. Over time, our lives got busier and we saw each other less often. Recently, I realized that I had not seen Tami in several years and that our daughters hadn't seen each other in even longer.

Tami and her family now run a coffee shop that helps support children living in orphanages in China. They live and work in a town we were driving past on our way home from Lindsborg, So, we stopped in for a surprise visit. I am so glad we did!

We spent an hour laughing and talking and catching up on each others' lives. It was so good to be with these friends again.

The coffee shop is a warm and welcoming place, with a map of the world carved out of plaster on the wall...
 ...and fun spaces for kids to play.
Our ridiculously grown up girl don't know each other anymore, but they are aware of their shared past and I think they'd be good friends if they lived in the same town.
They are also remarkably tolerant of their moms' insistence of taking pictures of them every time they are together.
I am so grateful to reconnect with these friends and to honor the ties we have to each other.

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