Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Pumpkin Patch

Rachel and I went to the pumpkin patch with her class today.
I had originally thought that 4th grade seemed a bit old for a pumpkin patch field trip. But then I saw this pumpkin patch.
There were a thousand things to see and do and Rae and her friends were determined to try them all. For a few minutes, at least.

They climbed...
and paddled...
and went down all sorts of interesting slides...

and made a trip through the corn maze.
We took a break from the non-stop activity to ride a wagon out to the actual pumpkin patch.
Rachel chose an all white "Casper" pumpkin to take home.

This particular pumpkin patch grows all of it's own pumpkins, including entire fields of giant varieties!
After lunch, the kids headed back for more play time.

And we made a fourth or fifth trip to the "bouncy pillow", which is one of Rachel's absolute favorite things to do.

Rachel is growing up so fast. I know the days of field trips and pumpkin patches and run-around-crazy kid fun are numbered. I am grateful for today, for beautiful weather and a fun place to play and time spent with my girl.
May she never be too old for the pumpkin patch.

I love birthdays!

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