Monday, July 3, 2017

50th Family Trip: Aquarium of the Americas

After leaving the French Quarter, we caught a streetcar to the Aquarium of the Americas. It had rained off and on all morning, but by the time we arrived at the aquarium it was pouring. As soon as we stepped off the streetcar, we were drenched. As in water streaming off our pants into our shoes drenched. It added a new sensory experience to the underwater displays!

Dad was quickly wearing out, so we got him a wheelchair at the front desk. That turned out to work wonderfully. Dad could see and experience everything without pain or exhausting himself and there were plenty of us to take turns pushing him.
Parts of the aquarium were kind of run down and the upper section of the jungle area was roped off, but there were still lots of interesting things to see.

 There was a large display of seahorses. I'd never seen so many at once!

 My favorite penguin was this poor guy. We all could identify as we stood there, dripping on the floor.

There was an area devoted to local fish and sea creatures, including crawfish.

 We could pet manta rays, which is always fun.
 And they had moray eels! These are my favorites, although I can't explain why. They are weird, highly unattractive, slimy, give off powerful electric shocks, and scientists don't know a whole lot about them. I find them quite fascinating, despite their creepiness, and they are some of the few animals at aquariums that will approach the glass and interact with the watching humans.

The aquarium was fun. And dry. And we enjoyed our time there.

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