Thursday, June 29, 2017

50th Family Trip: Sea Birds

We'd been at the resort for a day and a half before I thought to visit the backside of our building.
There I found manicured paths and palm trees overlooking boat piers and a lovely little bay.

There were a few small boats docked and larger fishing tour boats in the marina at the end of the pier.
And there were sea birds. Brown pelicans sitting on posts, cranes strutting down the dock, terns scooping tiny silver fish from the water, laughing gulls screeching.
A grumpy looking heron eyed me closely, but never moved, just watched and rested his oddly delicate foot.

The cranes were huge, taller than my waist. They stood on the dock or rested on columns, so stately and elegant looking.

Until they needed to scratch, that is. Then they were ridiculously awkward!

The pelicans just made me laugh. Such a strange looking bird!
They were surprisingly graceful in flight.
Then they would dive bomb the water, hitting with an audible smack and a big spray of water before gulping down fish in their weird, leathery neck pouch. So bizarre and so funny to watch!
The pelicans on posts were not at all afraid of humans and let me get quite close, watching me and preening and showing off.

The bay and the birds at sunset were a wonderful way to end the day.

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