Wednesday, June 28, 2017

50th Family Trip: Palms

Mom and I were fascinated with palm trees.
They're not something we see in Kansas!
So we went out one night just to look at them and take pictures.
The most common palms in Orange Beach are sabals (I think!).

I knew palm trees had to be trimmed regularly, but I hadn't realized why. It turns out that the trunks, which are really the leftover stems of old fronds, are covered in nasty sharp teeth! I had no idea.
I found the patterns and textures of the leaves and trunks absolutely fascinating.

And the fruits were just plain weird!

There was another type of palm at the resort with beautifully curved fronds.

I also recognized sago palms. I'd seen them kept as house plants before, but never growing outdoors. They are one of the most ancient plants on earth.
They have their own sets of evil looking spines!

But the light shining through their leaves was so beautiful.

Palm trees are fascinating!

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