Wednesday, June 28, 2017

50th Family Trip: Condo Life

Our stop in Selma marked the end of the Civil Rights Tour portion of our trip. Now we were ready for the beach! Our route took us through a long stretch of Alabama and a sliver of the Florida Panhandle to Perdido Key, a barrier island on the Gulf of Mexico, half of it in Florida and the other half in Alabama. Orange Beach, a gorgeous, public, white sands beach runs the length of the key. This was our destination.

My sister had done a lot of research on beaches and housing options and decided that renting a condo on Orange Beach was the best choice. She was right. It was a great place to stay and a fabulous beach!
We stayed at the Caribe Resort in Orange Beach, Alabama. It was enormous, with lots of amenities, and was just across the road from the beach. The resort was full of families with children and the whole area around the key was very family friendly - no rowdy bars or drunken parties. Plus, the Caribe logo included a frog (my favorite animal) and the frog on the entrance sign had red eyes that lit up at night!

Our condo space included 4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, a fully appointed kitchen, an enormous living area, and huge balcony. The 10 of us managed quite well!

The view from the balcony was mighty fine!

The lobby of our building was done is an ocean theme. Fun!

The condo had the fastest and smoothest elevators I'd ever been on - no stomach lurching bump when it stopped. They also had glass fronts, so you could see into the lobby as you rode up or down.

The elevator played a part in the most bizarre story of our trip. We had spent a morning at the beach and my parents went back early. The rest of us followed half an hour or so later and headed back to our rooms. As we were riding the elevator, we looked down to see my parents sitting in the lobby while medics were working on Dad's leg! We immediately rode back down to see what had happened. My parents had ridden the resort trolley from the beach to our building and were standing in the parking garage, waiting for the elevator. Some resort employees were there moving a bunk bed and had propped part of the frame against the wall. Dad was standing in front of the elevator doors with his back to the bed when it suddenly fell, crashing into the back of Dad's leg! The employees called security, who doubled as medics, and they had moved Dad to the lobby to treat a cut on his ankle and a deep scrape on the back of his knee. Dad was fine, though a bit shaken. We continue to shake our heads over the fact that Dad, long known for his clumsy accidents, is so often a victim of wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time. Who else gets hurt waiting for an elevator?
We spent a little time in the hotel pools, mostly to wash off more sand after we'd been to the beach. There were 5 different pools, including a lazy river. Steve and Katherine played a little tennis one morning and Steve checked out the condo's exercise room. None of us tried the mini golf course, putting green, basketball court, ping pong, or fishing areas. There were certainly many ways to entertain ourselves! Some of us did play a few rounds of bocce one morning.

We enjoyed our time at the Caribe. What a beautiful, relaxing place!

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