Saturday, April 15, 2017

Soccer Girl

After years of constant activity but no interest in sports, Rachel has decided to play soccer.
And she is excited about every aspect of playing - cleats, shin protectors, socks, team shirts. ball skills, game rules, the whole team concept. She is one of the smaller kids on the team and the only one who has never played before, but she doesn't care. She's soaking it all in and she's playing.
Today was her first game. At 8:00 AM on a Saturday. Ugh.

 Rachel was ready an hour early, proudly wearing her bright yellow  # 3 t-shirt.
She is not yet an agile or aggressive player but she listens to her coach and keeps her eye on the ball.
She even got in a few good kicks today!
And it was clear that she was having fun.
Her team won by 4 or 5 points, but Rachel didn't notice. When the game was over and they'd shaken hands with the opposing team and passed out snacks, Rae asked Steve, "Did we win? There wasn't a scoreboard so I didn't know." You've got to love a kid who plays just for the fun of playing!
In the car on the way home, Rachel talked about which teammates were good at different skills and what fun it was to play the game. Then she asked when the next practice was. Tonight? Tomorrow? When can she play again? I think I have a soccer player on my hands.

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