Sunday, December 18, 2016

Marathon Performance Week

It's the middle of December, which means that every group we belong to is having a party or performance and most of them were scheduled for this week. It was crazy! Our schedule for the week looked like this:

Sunday: Rachel has practice for the church Christmas program
              Katherine plays in the Youth Symphony Christmas concert
              The girls and I attend a Christmas party with the international student group at the college
              My sister and I see the traditional Christmas play at the college, our alma mater. (We are both greatly relieved that we no longer have actual roles in the play, as that was incredibly stressful during our college days.)

Monday: Katherine has her usual violin lesson
                Rachel sings in her school Christmas concert
                Katherine plays in her school orchestra concert (These events are at the same time in two different towns, so the parents and grandparents split up to watch.)

Tuesday: No music events!
               Joy has a book club meeting/Christmas party

Wednesday: Joy has bell choir practice
                    Katherine has confirmation class
                    Joy has another book club meeting (I'm a part of two different book clubs and they don't usually meet the same week, but December is weird.)

Thursday: Katherine has a violin recital as a part of our Community Music School. It's her third violin performance in 5 days.

Friday: No special events! Just work and school.

Saturday: Rachel has dress rehearsal/lunch/party for the church Christmas program
                We plan to attend my mother's family Christmas party, but decide not to after the temperature drops to single digits and it starts blowing snow. It's kind of a relief not to have to go anywhere.

Sunday: Joy plays bells at church. (I actually forget that we are playing, miss the rehearsal, and show up in time to perform during the service.)
              Rachel and the rest of the kids at church put on the annual Christmas program
              We are scheduled to go caroling with church friends. This will be our final musical performance of the year!

Of all the events of the week, I have photographic evidence of only two. So here are pictures of Rachel's school concert. The kids all wore their pajamas, sang darling songs, and recited Twas the Night Before Christmas between pieces. They also sang in the district's brand new auditorium!

Rachel was part of a drum line for one song. She brought her own drum from home and was clearly the leader of her percussion crew!

Rachel and I still have a day and a half of school left (Steve and Katherine are already finished) but there are no parties and no performances this week and we are looking forward to calmer days!

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