Saturday, December 24, 2016

Katherine on Christmas Eve

For many years now, my girls have done Good Deeds during the month of December. Each day they choose a slip of paper with a good deed, something  nice to do for someone else. This year one of the Good Deeds was to pose for pictures for me. Both girls put this off until now, but today is the last day of Good Deeds so it was time for a photo shoot!

Although I didn't specify any particular clothing for our photo shoot, Katherine came out wearing dress clothes that she'd never combined before and had let her hair down and brushed it in a new style. She looked beautiful, impossibly old, but beautiful!
Katherine is a month away from her 13th birthday but is already very much a teenager. And that's okay. She still fights incessantly with her sister and shows her parents more attitude than is appreciated, but she's usually a fun and interesting person to be around. She has become surprisingly social, with a close circle of friends, who are sweet and supportive of her. (Not always the case for middle school girls.) She is very involved with school activities - playing tennis, joining the scholar's bowl team, helping as a team manager for girls' basketball, and planning to go out for golf in the spring. She plays in the school orchestra and continues to love being a part of the area Youth Symphony. Katherine is in confirmation class at church, was part of her school's service club,  and is a teen volunteer at the library. She was so busy this fall that it seemed we rarely saw her!

Katherine still loves to read (much to her mom's delight). She spends her computer time looking at classical music performances on youtube. She has spent the past two days drawing beautiful Christmas cards for people. She has become much more aware of the outside world, following politics, joining in political discussions, and forming well-thought opinions of her own. She's just a pretty cool kid!

I wanted to re-create one of my all time favorite photo shoots: The Many Faces of Katherine. Katherine and her expressive face did not disappoint!

I love this girl! I am so proud and grateful to be her mom.

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