Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016, Part 2

After church, we went to my parents for Christmas celebrations with my family.We feasted on lasagna and olive bread and my sister's homemade candies and then began the gift opening.

Two jars of cookie butter - Aunt Robie so understands my foodie child!
There was a BIG present under the tree with Rachel's name on it and she had been wild with excitement over it's possibilities for days, She was delighted to find her very own sewing machine inside!

The 14 year old cousin asked for a camera and Granny was more than happy to help with that!

Granny bought the girls mermaid pillows - pillows covered with colored sequins that change colors as you move your hand over them. They are quite mesmerizing and everyone took a turn playing with them!

Poppy had a gigantic gift...
It turned out to be a wheelbarrow/dolley/cart, which after assembled, proved to be a fun way to give rides.

There was a little time to play and work on a jigsaw puzzle and then it was time to leave to head over to the last party of the day.

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