Thursday, August 4, 2016

U.S. Olympic Training Center

On our last afternoon in Colorado Springs we visited the Olympic Training Center.
Bobsled anyone? The Olympic center was actually very interesting. It's a huge complex, with on-site dorms, dining hall, practice facilities, nutritional support, and medical services.
Thousands of athletes train here, both full and part time. Athletes participating in the Paralympics also train at the center. There are three official training sites around the country. Our guide explained that Colorado Springs trains primarily "indoor summer Olympic athletes", but winter participants sometimes train there in the summer. (We watched a bobsledder work out in the enormous weight room.)
We were able to go inside several of the buildings to see the training spaces. We visited the shooting sports center, the wrestling room, and the men's gymnastics space (most of the women gymnasts train in Houston).
The training spaces are set up for training, not spectators, so there is not much space for observers. We looked through outside windows into the weight room, basketball/volleyball courts, and the swimming pool. There were swimmers in the pool, but none of them were headed to the Olympics.
Even as a complete non-athlete I was impressed by the high tech facilities and the care and support given to the people who train there. The buildings were carefully laid out and the grounds were lovely. The flags along the main path through the complex represent all of the countries that participate in the Olympics.
There are cool sculptures and bronze statues throughout the center and a beautiful sculpture garden.

Rachel was quite intrigued by this statue, since two of the figures appear to be floating in midair!
I liked the sculpture of ancient and modern athletes holding up the globe.

There is an Olympic countdown clock on the tourist building. That day it read 7 days until Rio. Today it is down to 1! Seeing the place where so many of the athletes in this Olympics trained will make the games even more exciting to watch!

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