Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Seven Falls

After spending time at the cliff dwellings, we decided to visit Seven Falls. I have been to Colorado Springs many times, but I had never heard of this place. My mother-in-law had been there, but admitted that it had been 50 years! We eventually discovered that in order to go to Seven Falls you must first catch a shuttle bus at the Broadmore Hotel complex. A short ride later we found ourselves in a beautiful mountain site.
We walked along a gently sloping path along a mountain stream. I was so fascinated by the rock formations and the spicy scent of pine and the wildflowers planted all along the path that I kept stopping to take pictures. That meant that my family was always somewhere ahead.
I didn't care. I was too busy experiencing all that beauty!

We eventually made it to the base of the falls and had lunch at the overpriced restaurant there. My mother-in-law has had both knees replaced and quickly decided that she was not going to attempt the rigorous climb to the top of the falls. Instead she took the "mountain elevator" to a viewing platform and enjoyed the scenery. The rest of us sized up the 243 stairs ahead of us and started up.
The stairs were steep, narrow, hung over empty space, and had very few landings to rest on. Between the altitude, my fear of heights, and my general out-of-shapeness, the climb was a physical and psychological stretch for me.
But I was determined to make it to the top and the views were well worth it.

At the top we could see the beginnings of the waterfall
and trees estimated to be 300 years old.

I would have gladly hiked the trail through the woods to see more views of the canyon, but the girls were hot and tired so we climbed back down.
The girls whined and griped all the way back to the shuttle, completely oblivious to the spectacular views and I gained an appreciation for why some people vacation without their kids. But I decided to ignore their complaints as best I could, because the setting was just too pretty to miss. So I took my time going back down, pulling out my camera at every opportunity.

Seven Falls was a gorgeous place! I would happily go back to revel in the beauty of the Rockies, cranky children, endless stairs, and all.

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