Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Garden of the Gods

On a wonderfully cool morning we went to one of my very favorite places - Garden of the Gods.
I had been to these rock outcroppings several times before and I discovered that they are just as fascinating as I had remembered!
We all posed in front of Balancing Rock...

...and explored some other rocks.

We parked the car and went hiking for a while.

Such a gorgeous place! The clouds were moving and the rock formations changed looks in the shifting light.

Katherine was...challenging for much of the morning. 12 can be a difficult age for everyone involved. (Now that we are home, she is quite enthusiastic about all we saw there, but at the time all she did was complain about the activities we were NOT doing.)
Rachel, on the other hand, absolutely LOVED Garden of the Gods. She was delighted to hike and climb, took lots of pictures on her camera, and repeatedly commented on how beautiful the sights were. I'll take this girl back with me any day!

As usual, I was fascinated with the plants and flowers. I especially loved the ancient twisted trucks and roots of the evergreen shrubs and the flowers and trees that grew directly out of rocks!

We had lunch at the park's restaurant, eating on the patio with a view of the rock faces.

I am certain that I would never tire of views of this place!

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