Monday, June 20, 2016

Tennis Girls

The girls have been taking tennis lessons through the summer rec program since they were little.

They get themselves up and ready and to the courts two blocks away by 8:00 each morning - all I do is fix their hair before they go.

 The group lessons are fun and low key, focusing on developing skills and not on winning or losing.
Both girls look forward to tennis and enjoy going to practice.

When I told them I was coming along today to take pictures, Katherine insisted I follow the Mom-taking-pictures rules: Don't talk. Don't do anything weird or embarrassing. Pretend like I don't know her. But be sure and get pictures.

 Rachel didn't have any rules, she just enjoyed having an audience.

 Rae has moved to the bigger kids courts this summer and is handling it well, doing everything her teacher asks and only fidgeting a little.

 Katherine is focused and determined, showing more strength and control all the time.

She wants to try out for the middle school tennis team next year and I think she has the skills to make it.

I'm glad that my girls have this chance to learn a sport in a way that is fun and encouraging. They are fun to watch play now and if they continue to enjoy it, they can play for most of their lives. And that is a very good thing.

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