Sunday, June 5, 2016

Kansas History Museum

We made a short trip to Topeka this week to watch our pastor be ordained and to explore the city a bit. Our first stop was the Kansas History Museum. It was full of all sorts of fun things.
There were lots of cool exhibits on the Native American groups who lived here for centuries, including a full size teepee and grass shelter.
After that were exhibits on pioneers and the Civil War and famous people and events in Kansas. My 9 year old self was geeking out on all the Little House on the Prairie era artifacts!
I was struck by this poster:
It is sad that immigrants are not so welcomed and sought after by our state now.
Katherine was amused by a pioneer violin in a heavy, hand carved wooden case.

There was a beautifully restored steam engine and train cars in one area of the museum.
My girls associate trains, and particularly steam powered trains, with Harry Potter. Here they are at Platform 9 3/4 waiting for the Hogwart's Express!
And on board. Kate said, "We'll just pretend that we have compartments."
Another corner of the displays had part of a 50's diner in it. The girls were quite impressed with the prices on the menu!
I was amused to find this barn among the more modern artifacts. I played with a barn like this as a child and I still have two in my classroom!
The museum did not gloss over that the sad or controversial parts of our history. At this display I had to explain to Rachel what the Ku Klux Klan was and that, unfortunately, they are still around. They are a part of today's history, too. Rae shuddered and begged to move on.
There was a hands on area of the museum where kids could touch and play and act out history. It was really meant for younger children, but my girls had fun trying it all out.

They were stumped by the stereopticon. Why would anyone think it was fun?
I was now geeking out on the Little House on the Prairie toys. You could really pretend to be Laura here!

And this! A real, working, miniature cook stove! With an antique waffle iron made out of, well, iron!
I love museums and I love history, so this stop made my heart happy.

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