Monday, May 23, 2016

Picnic and Poppies

Last weekend we had our yearly picnic and hayride with church friends. The evening was cool and overcast but it did not rain and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously.
Katherine has always been the oldest kid in this group and sometimes struggles to find her place, interested in the adult conversation, but not quite ready to give up playing.
On this day she found the perfect in-between role. One of the 4 year old girls decided that Kate was her new Best Friend and insisted that Katherine follow her around the entire evening. Katherine was amused and more than willing to be a babysitter, to the relief of both girls' mothers.

Rachel immediately surrounded herself with a pack of girls who ran off to entertain themselves for the evening.
I didn't see much of her until s'mores time, when all the kids crouched around the world's smallest bonfire to burn marshmallows and giggle.
I did happen upon her conspiring with a particularly ornery friend, interrupting whatever shenanigans were being plotted.
I roamed the property chatting with adults, keeping an eye on the kids, and taking pictures of everything. I lost myself for a while in my friend Linda's beautiful flower gardens.

My favorites were a bed full of a flower I had never seen before - peony poppies. Aren't they gorgeous?

Throughout our idyllic evening in the country the cows grazing in the field across the fence watched us with intrigue.

Their frank interest in our goings-on made me laugh. Even the animals thought this evening was perfect!

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