Sunday, May 29, 2016

More Violin

Katherine played her violin in church today.
This is the fourth year that she has volunteered to perform during the summer and her progress has been astounding.
She played a movement from a Seitz concerto, which she has been working on since January.
It's the same piece she played at her recital a few weeks ago and the same piece she will play for youth symphony auditions this week.
It is a difficult piece of music and one that she has practiced endlessly. She played it beautifully.
As always, she was calm and casual about standing up in front of an audience and performing. This is something that amazes me!
She plays with such focus and determination. She loves the music, loves the instrument, loves the way playing makes her feel. She would play solely for her own pleasure and for the satisfaction of having learned something well, but I can also see her soak in the applause and compliments of her audience. And that is a good thing.
This girl, with her musical mind and her magic fingers, makes me so proud! Just listen:

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