Monday, May 9, 2016

Fashion Show

My girls tell me frequently that I'm not "fashionable". And it's true. I'm not. And I never have been. I choose my clothing for comfort and practicality, not because it's in style. I keep my hair cut very short because I just don't want to bother with it. And I have never worn makeup. I have no interest at all in models or what they wear and no desire to go to a fashion show. But yesterday I went to a fashion event that even I could appreciate.

The Arboretum hosted a historical fashion show as part of their Mother's Day celebration. 80 models, from children to women in their 80's, wore costumes and vintage clothing from the past 100 years. Some were depicting famous women, others everyday fashion, and a few were dressed for events that impacted how women dressed. Their hairstyles, makeup, and ways of moving matched their clothing and some carried wonderful period props. A band played music of the period as the models walked the runway, and an announcer described what they wore and what events were impacting women during that time. It was beautiful and fascinating and terrific fun to watch. This was my kind of fashion show!

Our friend Marylee was the first model.
She was a botanist from the early 1900's. A woman in Gibson girl style, wearing glasses and shoes that were over 100 years old!
Then young women in white eyelet with big hats...
... followed by Alice Roosevelt, daughter of Theodore. She was quite a fashion plate!
The sufferagettes got lots of cheers from the mostly female crowd.
There was a poor immigrant family. They weren't at all fashionable, but were part of all of our histories and certainly impacted our country.
The 1920's models wore cloche hats. Of course.
Louise Brooks, Kansas native, dancer, movie star, and famous Bad Girl was there.
A family of Dust Bowl migrants walked the runway in worn out clothes and flour sack dresses.
Amelia Earhart was there in her pilots cap and leather jacket.
Glinda the Good Witch was lowered from high up a tree... walk with Dorothy and Toto.
Rosie the Riveter was all smiles...
...and even showed off her muscles!

And groups of women showed off 1940's dresses and hairdos.

Dale Evens rode through the crowd on her gorgeous horse.
1950's house wives carried their coffee pots and rolling pins down the runway...
...and a model in early 1960's garb rolled a bike along.
Audrey Hepburn was there in all her elegance.

Rosa Parks made her slow, dignified way through the crowd...
...and Lucille Ball made everyone laugh.
Jackie and Caroline Kennedy were there...
...and so was Twiggy.
The audience got a kick out of the more outrageous 60's attire and I could hear people confessing that they had once worn similar clothes or hair.

The hippie models had way too much fun getting into character!

As did the disco dancer!
 1970's fashions were just so...bright!
The passage of Title IX and the beginnings of women's sports was celebrated...

...and Madonna in her Material Girl attire danced down the runway.
The Spice Girls were among the last to strut their stuff. The girls asked, "Did they really look like that?"
The fashion show ended with all the models dancing to We Are Family and the crowd joining in. It was a delightful celebration of fashion and all of it's silliness and to the strength of women and the power of sisterhood. This was a fashion show I'd go see again and again.

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