Tuesday, May 10, 2016

2nd Grade Play

Rachel had her end-of-the-year program in her classroom this morning. Her teacher writes a new play for her students every year. This year was a retelling of the Russian folk tale Baba Yaga, called The House with Chicken Feet. Rachel was one of three evil witches.
They lay in wait for children to blunder into their house so they could eat them for lunch. They even insisted on a bathtub so that their dinner would be nice and clean!
Of course, a group of boys showed up and were helped by the witches' cat, dog, and gate.
The children escaped and the witches seized the disobedient animals, demanding to know why they had helped the kids. The replies were that the kids had been kind to them and the witches had not. Kindness counts, even in fairy tales.
The witches chased the children, floating in their bathtub to cross a magic lake.
And finally being thwarted by a magical forest. They gave up and went back to their house with chicken feet.
The End.
After the play was a little awards ceremony. Rachel's teacher handed out certificates and medals and described her favorite qualities of each student. She called Rachel her "Giggle Girl", which seems fitting. Rachel has adored Mrs. W and it's easy to see why.

 Rae was awarded certificates for good grades and for having the highest number of reading points in her class. She's a bookworm, even though she can't sit still for long.
Last, the students all brought their parents paper flowers they'd made.
There were hugs and congratulations all around.
I sure am proud of my smart, funny, determined Rachel girl!

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