Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Day at the Arb

Yesterday Rachel and I went to Art at the Arb in a nearby town. This is always one of our favorite outings of the year.
The arboretum is full of 100 year old trees, including many that are rare in Kansas like loblolly pine and bald cypress. There are woods and meadows, a lake, a nature trail, and dozens of flower beds, both large and small.
It is a sweetly old fashioned place, with scenes of such loveliness everywhere you look.

To make it even more fun, this weekend the arboretum was hosting an arts and crafts fair, with live music and and food vendors. It was the sort of event where you can listen to live jazz or bluegrass while browsing through vintage aprons, jewery made from old buttons, fairy gardens, homemade soap, and furniture created from fallen logs. All of it was delightfully entertaining.
Rachel and I wandered through the booths and treated ourselves to lunch and ice cream and pink lemonade with a paper parasol.

Rachel was disappointed that the world's greatest swing was no longer there. She and Katherine consider time spent on that swing as some of the best moments of their childhoods. But Rae was content to listen to music and people watch while I roamed around taking pictures.

We tried out the new bridge over the far side of the lake...
... and discovered the limestone trail through the nature trail.
We sat on the porch swing overlooking the grounds...

... and had long conversations. And, as always when we're at the Arb, we had a photo shoot with the beautiful flowers in the background.

We went home tired and happy and both of agreed that our day at the Arb was pretty much perfect.

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