Monday, February 8, 2016

Chinese Dinner

The Chinese students at our local college prepared a Chinese dinner tonight and invited their "foster" families to join them for the lunar new year. The girls and I went because we always like Chinese food and spending time with our Chinese friends..

Our friends Charlie, Cambria, and Catriona were there too, dressed in the beautiful silks that their Chinese friends had given them.

The food was simple, the comfort foods of the Chinese students.

We had rice and chicken, soup, dumplings,
oranges and bananas, tea eggs (my favorite!),
and a big pot of kimchi plus chips and salsa, because spicy food from any culture is tasty! There was a tea station, with hot water, loose green tea, rock sugar, and tiny purple rose buds. I sampled it all - the roses didn't have much flavor, but they gave my tea a wonderful scent.

Our foster student, Viola, was there. We hadn't seen her in a long time, so it was good to spend time with her again. She, and all the other students, were missing their families today. This meal together was a good way to feel a part of the festivities at home in China.
As always, the girls had fun goofing around with Viola's phone, taking silly pictures and videos of themselves and giggling.

There were prizes at the dinner, too. Viola and Rachel had their names drawn one after the other and a few minutes later, Katherine did too.
I am so glad that we have this network of Chinese students and professors and friends right here in town. Twelve years ago, when we were waiting for Katherine and first became aware of the Year of the Monkey, we had no Chinese friends and no local connections to China. Thanks to changes at the college, Chinese students and Chinese culture are now a part of our community. And it is wonderful! Xin Nian Kuai Le to our friends here and all over the world!

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