Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

Merry Christmas! We have had a long day of spending time with family and it has been wonderful!

Santa arrived early this morning and left a long letter thanking the girls for all of their Good Deeds. His letters are always on red paper with silver ink...
There were presents, of course.

Even the dog had gifts.
Of course, she's a dork and prefers to carry her toy like this!
We spent most of the day at Granny and Poppy's with Aunt Robin and Uncle Brandon and the cousins from Chicago. There were stockings full of all sorts of goodies...

And more presents for all...

After my sister's ordeal with breast cancer this year, when I discovered NPR's Best Books of 2015 list and saw a graphic novel called The Story of My Tits I guessed that Robin would appreciate the author's humor.
We spent most of the day eating and playing.

And some people even took naps...

Mom made another batch of oley koeck...
...we played Rae's new card game, put together two different 500 piece puzzles, told stories, chatted, and just enjoyed hanging out together. It was a good day.

This evening we came home and put away all of our new loot. We have plenty of books and games to keep us entertained through the next week. It has been such a good day...

2015 was a Harry Potter Christmas at our house! Both girls discovered the series recently (I read the first book aloud to Rachel) and are big fans. Between Santa and Aunt Robie, we now own the complete set of books, a copy of the Illustrated Sorcerer's Stone, a DVD of the first movie, a Harry Potter cookbook, and two (partially eaten) boxes of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans!

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