Saturday, October 17, 2015

Pumpkin Patch

The girls and I went to a nearby pumpkin patch this afternoon.
Rachel has already been to a different pumpkin patch on a school field trip and Katherine is well beyond the usual pumpkin patch age, but the both begged to go again. And I wasn't about to argue.
We climbed aboard the hay wagon as soon as we arrived.
The old tractor pulled us perhaps ten feet before it died. So we hopped out the back and walked to all the fun!
We headed to the giant bouncy pillow first, because it's always the best part of the pumpkin patch.

Next the girls tried the big slides. They were considerably faster after a worker rubbed them down with car wax!

Kate tried out another tractor - acting out her little girl farmer dreams.

Then I made the girls pose in the actual pumpkin patch. This is, of course, the least interesting part of the afternoon.
Then we were off to the tire swings. They had the usual horse versions, but also tractors...
...and moose.
All of them hung from a frame that could be turned, sort of a merry-go-round.
The girls tried an inflatable horse race...
...and posed for The Great Pumpkin.
Rae wanted to play in the corn sandbox. I was somewhat doubtful, as it was populated almost entirely with toddler boys, but she happily climbed in.
Kate couldn't resist, either. Soon they hatched out a plan to bury Rachel.

Silly girls!

The girls wanted to go back to the giant bouncy pillow and this time I kicked off my shoes and joined them! It was a whole lot of fun. Katherine decided we need a bouncy pillow at our house, like in her bedroom. I quickly wore myself out and left the girls leaping away to go revel in the small things with my camera.

I'm not sure I have ever had a more perfect fall afternoon.

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