Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hippy Chick

A few weeks ago, Rachel announced that she wanted to be a hippy for Halloween. Five minutes later, she asked me what a hippy was.
I explained as best I could and we looked at pictures of hippies on the internet. Rae decided that yes, indeed, she wanted to be a hippy.
I have no clue of where she came up with this idea, but I support it wholeheartedly!
Granny transformed an old pair of jeans into bell bottoms and made a fringed vest, which I decorated. (The whole thing brought flashbacks of helping my sister costume the cast of Hair in college...) We added a headband and a tie dye shirt, making Rachel quite possibly the world's cutest hippy!
Tonight was our church's annual Trunk or Treat, an even Rachel far prefers to actual trick or treating. Katherine has decided that she is too old to dress up and ended up having youth symphony rehearsal anyway. So Rae and I headed off for some fun at the church.
There were cars set up passing out candy, stuffed animals, and other treats.
Rae checked out the police officers and fire fighters who were passing out candy from their vehicles, the s'mores stand, and the Wishing Well, where she found a chapter book on the end of her fishing pole. Then she hung out around the Cupcake Walk.
After that, she just ran around chasing friends, making over babies, and calling numbers at the Cupcake Walk. Just having some Halloween inspired fun.
I have to include a shot of our fun and rather witty pastor, Lora. She and two friends were dressed up as "Pentecost" - a dove, tongues of fire, and a "holey" ghost. Nothing like a little theological humor at Trunk or Treat!

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