Tuesday, October 6, 2015

First Concert

Katherine had her first youth symphony concert this weekend.
The musicians are required to wear formal concert dress -  boys in tuxes and girls in floor length dresses or black pants and blouses.
Katherine looked and felt wonderfully elegant and grown up in her dress.
She LOVES being a part of the youth symphony.
She has made new friends and she idolizes the older kids, especially the top chair violinists.
I rarely need to remind her to practice. She just gets up every morning and plays through her pieces before school. I hear her working on the trickier lines over and over.
She looks forward to Sundays, because that is when the symphony rehearses. Every week she is excited about going to the three hour rehearsals!
But all that practice has paid off. Sunday's concert was wonderful. The 64 piece orchestra sounded full and strong and like it contained more than just 11 to 18 year olds. And they played some complicated, difficult pieces.
Kate played her heart out and was still grinning at the end. I could not have been prouder! This girl is a musician.

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