Saturday, August 22, 2015

Spinning and Swinging

Yesterday morning, it was cool and cloudy so the girls and I went to the park.

We had ongoing conversations about Poppy and his injury and how families take care of one another.

Even surrounded by fabulous play equipment, Katherine was really only interested in chatting with me. And in playing with the yo-yo she has recently decided to master.
She talked about yo-yo tricks and all the possibilities of starting 6th grade and her odd excitement that Poppy will have a handicapped tag for his car so he can park closer. But mostly she just spun her yo-yo.

Rachel's favorite activity at any park is to swing. Especially in full-body swings like this one,
She giggled a lot and asked some questions and then pondered Poppy's foot. Earlier, I'd explained that the doctors will try to fix Poppy's ankle, but it will never be the same. He will probably have his ankle fused and will have limited motion in it. Rae twisted her foot this way and that and then asked, "You mean Poppy will never do ballet?" Nope! Although the thought of Poppy doing ballet before his fall is quite a mental picture...

I haven't been able to spend much time with my girls this week and I've missed them. Going to the park was a wonderful way to hang out and enjoy each other.
I think we all felt happier and a little more relaxed. We just needed some spinning and swinging.

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