Thursday, August 13, 2015


This evening we went to a state fishing lake in the southern part of the county. It was a place none of us had ever been and we didn't know much about it, other than there was supposed to be a waterfall. We drove around the lake until we reached a dead end. We could hear water, so we stepped into the woods and spied a beautiful little waterfall below us.

We found a faint trail strewn with glass [why to people feel the need to destroy nature????] and managed to pick our way down to the creek bed.
The waterfall was lovely and there were piles of rocks to climb and we had a wonderful time just playing!

We even managed to get a rare photo of me!

The rocks were fossils everywhere we looked.
The creek was so beautiful and so peaceful. I could have spent the whole evening there, listening to the waterfall and watching the light on the stream.
Eventually, we climbed back up to the car and drove back to the lake. The girls tried to learn the fine art of skipping rocks.
There were mayflies everywhere...
...which delighted Rae the Bug Girl.
It was a wonderful way to spend an evening.
I have a feeling we will be back her again!

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