Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tennis Time

The girls are taking tennis lessons again this summer. They both really enjoy tennis. And they get themselves up, fed, and dressed and walk to the tennis courts by 8:00 every day.
Katherine's group is still working on skills. They've never played an actual match but their coach promised that tomorrow they will learn to keep score.
Kate watches everything and listens intently and plays hard.
Her swings are faster and more accurate all the time.
And she's left-handed, which always makes things more interesting.
Her coach is encouraging her to try out for the tennis team when she's in 7th grade.
Kate is quite intrigued by that idea.
But for now, she's happy to hang out every morning, practicing swings and serves and just playing for fun.
This is Rachel's third year of tennis lessons and I must say, I am impressed.
In the past, tennis for Rae was mostly chatting with her classmates and picking up stray balls and trying to spin her tennis racket on the court.
There is still a lot of ball collecting, of course, but this year Rachel comes to lessons to actually play tennis.
She's one of the youngest kids in her group, and certainly the smallest, but she doesn't seem to notice.
She's there to listen and learn...
...and whack the ball!
She works hard.
And practices her swings.
And hits the ball when it comes her way.
And both my girls think tennis is their favorite sport. Tennis is fun!

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