Sunday, June 7, 2015

Random Summer

We've been out of school for several weeks now, but this was the first week that really felt like summer. Summer rec activities began, the weather has turned hot, and our schedule is getting busy! So here is what we have been up to:

A week ago, we went to opening day of the local farmer's market. While browsing among the booths, I realized that there were some oddly familiar faces in the crowd. It turns out that a group of dear friends from the town where Steve and I used to live were there on a Sunday school class tour. We had not seen many of these people since we moved, 14 years ago. It was such a blessing to be among these friends once again!

On Monday, the girls started tennis and swimming lessons. They always look forward to these daily classes.

On Tuesday, Rachel went to church camp, This year she was big enough to stay overnight and she was SO excited!
She had a great time. Her 24 hours at camp included hiking, swimming, worship, games, a campfire, s'mores, and her first ever chance to sleep on the top bunk!

While Rae was at camp, the rest of us drove out in the country to watch the full moon rise. June's moon is called the Strawberry Moon and this year's was bright pink as it rose, which seemed fitting!

I had my annual garage sale on Friday and Saturday. I kind of look forward to getting rid of all the outgrown kids' clothes and all the junk that we invariably end up accumulating.

While I was garage sale-ing, Steve and the girls ran in a local race. Steve ran the 5K (and won in his age group), Katherine ran 400 meters, and Rachel ran 200 meters. Everyone came home with medals and prizes.

Rachel has had a rough week, She struggles with time management and the reduced social scene of summer. She spent much of the week breaking rules about leaving the yard and watching TV, much to the frustration of her parents. We'll hope next week is better... She did entertain herself today by making a "pillow person", which was fun and didn't involve consequences.

Katherine and I helped set up for a fund raising dinner for our local Habitat for Humanity group. Our job was to make little wildflower arrangements and set them on the tables. It was actually a lot of fun. Kate also enjoyed touring the amazing house of my friend Laura, the host of the party.

We finished off our week swimming in our neighbor's little pool. The water felt good and we enjoyed the time together.

Summer is here and life is good!

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