Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kitty Love

Rachel is a cat lover. So am I. But Steve hates cats and Katherine is allergic to them, so having a pet kitty is just not an option for us. We used to enjoy interacting with Granny and Poppy's cats, but both of their elderly kitties died this spring. Rae and I were going through kitty withdrawl when Granny suggested that we volunteer at the local animal shelter. That sounded like fun, so all three of us went through training. Now, once a week, we show up for the delightful job of kitten socializing.
We remove a few kittens from their cages and then we spend time petting them
and holding them
and playing with them.
The kittens are impossibly cute.

And ridiculously fun.
We laugh a lot, because it's impossible to be in a bad mood when you have kittens chewing on your shoestrings
or getting tangled up in yarn
or wrestling with each other
or trying their best to look big and fierce.

Even just watching the kittens sit quietly is good therapy for us.

Our time at the animal shelter has become one of the best hours of the week.
We're three generations of cat lovers, getting out kitty fix.

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