Thursday, April 2, 2015

Egg Drop

In Rachel's school, the first graders have an egg drop as part of their Easter festivities. When Katherine had this assignment, she and Steve spent a weekend brainstorming possible packing materials and containers. Steve made her a checklist to fill out for each type and how it fared when dropped from various heights. It was a whole scientific process and they were both in science nerd heaven.

Fast forward four years and now it's Rachel's turn for the egg assignment - pack a raw egg into a container no larger than a shoe box and see if it survives a drop from the school roof. Rae was more interested in playing outside than in creating a list of packing possibilities. Steve finally cornered her and asked her what she thought might be a good way to pack her egg. Rachel thought a moment and then announced "toilet paper".  So she collected an egg...
...and a roll of toilet paper.
She and Steve both noticed that toilet paper tubes are conveniently about the same diameter as an egg.
So they pushed an egg inside and stopped up the ends with napkins. Then they wrapped it in tape to keep the egg from falling out.
After some experimentation with tossing the toilet paper as high as they could, they came to the conclusion that a roll of toilet paper makes excellent packing material for an egg! So today, Rae re-packed her egg and took her toilet paper to school.
There were lots of excited first graders at the big egg drop contest. The eggs were dropped two at a time from the school roof. I had no trouble identifying Rachel's!
Rachel's egg survived just perfectly!
Leave it to my Rachel to come up with a solution off the top of her head that is completely different from anyone else's and have it work!

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