Saturday, April 11, 2015

Color Run

Katherine ran her first race this morning. She has never shown any particular interest in running, but when Steve brought home a flyer about a local color run she was intrigued. There was a 5K option, which she quickly decided was much to far, but she thought she could manage the one mile run. She has been practicing by running in the park and around the neighborhood. By this morning she was almost giddy with excitement.

This race was rather loosely organized, but it was a real race. Kate had an official t-shirt and a race number...
...and an electronic chip to wear on each shoe.
There weren't many people running, but she found a couple of friends from school and was glad to have someone to run with.
Her official cheering section moved on down the street to wait.
The start was a pretty laid-back affair.
But there was an explosion of purple powder and she was off!
The race plan was for everyone to run the first stretch of road together and then for the one-milers to turn back and the 5K runners to keep going, However, this was not clearly spelled out to the runners. When they reached the turn around spot (and a cloud of yellow dye) no one in charge mentioned turning back, so Katherine and a lot of others just kept running! Steve was worried about Kate and the distance she was covering and if she'd be scared or mad. He really debated getting in the car and going to rescue her but I convinced him to just let her go. She was with a friend. She knew how to run a bit and walk a bit. It was an unexpected adventure and she'd figure it out on her own.

Rachel had turned down the invitation to run in the race because she "didn't like to run". I'm guessing she meant she didn't like organized running because she spent the long wait until Katherine returned doing this:
That is, when she wasn't turning cartwheels, jumping off rocks and railings, and skipping across the parking lot.
 I'm guessing that she expended as much energy as any of the racers!

Most of the 3K race was over a hill and out of sight but eventually a familiar figure appeared alternately running an walking down the road.
By the time I could see her face, she was grinning.
She even found the energy to run the whole last lap.
She'd run farther than she ever had and finished the race and she was pretty darn proud of herself!
She knew she'd run farther than she was supposed to, but was amazed to learn she'd actually gone over 3 miles.
And she loved the silliness of being covered with colored powder.
I am so proud of Katherine! Proud of her for entering a race. Proud of her for running. Proud of her for not giving up when the route became unexpectedly long. Proud of her for finishing with a smile on her face. She's pretty amazing, this girl of mine!

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