Friday, March 6, 2015

And Now She's 11

After two months of computer issues, I can finally blog again! Yeah! I've missed having a place to put my pictures and words. So now I have a whole backlog of posts to write...

Katherine moved to a new school this year and while she has adjusted beautifully, her social scene has shifted dramatically. She is no longer in class with a pack of kids that have known her since kindergarten and the tween social outlook is trickier. Judging from the number of kids who approach her to chat when we see them in public, Kate is well liked. But she no longer has pack of buddies following her around. She has made one close friend in a girl named Chaney. Katherine has never had a "best friend", but Chaney has changed that. And Kate is content with this new social order.

Katherine has been planning her own birthday parties since she was 5. She has picked the themes, the invitations, the decorations, and the cake. But when her eleventh birthday rolled around in January, all she wanted was to have Chaney over to spend the night. And she wanted to make her own cake.
I don't think Chaney had ever done much cooking, but she was willing to learn. That's good, because of you are Katherine's friend you're going to end up spending time in the kitchen!
Neither girl was thrilled about posing for pictures, but they tolerated my presence and my camera.
They spent the evening baking and looking through scrapbooks and giggling a lot. Then they disappeared into the basement and I didn't see or hear them until morning. This was my kind of party!

The next day the family arrived for more celebrating. Kate didn't smile much and rolled her eyes a lot, but she was quite pleased at having her family around.
If eleven is as calm and sweet as this birthday, then it's going to be a terrific year!

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