Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Star of Wonder

Our church Christmas program was Sunday morning. The kids of the church had been working hard their songs and parts since Thanksgiving, practicing during Children's Church and again every Sunday afternoon. They knew their lines. They knew the songs and the actions. This pageant was amazing!
The play was about a group of cleverly named stars (Lucky Star, Falling Star, Rock Star, Shooting Star, etc.) looking down from heaven and watching the nativity story unfold. It was funny and sweet and energetic and made everyone cry, as Christmas pageants often do.

Katherine was North Star. She was supposed to be old and cranky, which she kind of liked, and she had to wear a curly gray wig, which she hated. She also thought her star costume looked ridiculous.
She had lines to say and memorized them quickly, as always.
She also sang as part of a duet and later, a quartet. Her voice is strong and clear and she sings with such confidence. It was one of those times that I was in awe of her...
Rachel started the show as part of the star chorus. She sang and did the actions and even danced a little. My stage fright girl is learning how to be a performer!
Later during the show she was an angel. She loved this costume!
The first time the kids practiced in full costumes, with Mary and Joseph and a real baby, some of the angels were so awestruck by Baby Jesus that they stopped to watch and had to be coaxed away to their places.
There is just something magical about little kids in ragtag costumes acting out a story over two thousand years old. I love that we choose this way of teaching to pass on our faith.

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