Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

We spent the last few days before Christmas baking, delivering goodies to neighbors and friends, helping our pastor prepare the church, and sharing the excitement of what was soon to come.

We went to church on Christmas Eve. It is always the most beautiful service of the year.
The girls made each other gifts, as they have done the past couple of years. They opened them after church on Christmas Eve and were so pleased. Rachel made Katherine a fuzzy blue owl.
Katherine made Rachel a neon hair bow. Rae liked it so much she hasn't taken it off in two days!
The girls were up early on Christmas morning. Katherine had asked for building toys and got them.
Santa brought Rachel a drum. She had never thought to ask for one, but she was thrilled! Steve told her it was proof that Santa exists, because he would never, ever have bought her a drum.
The girls opened gifts of clothes and books and a few toys. Then we brought out an unexpected family present - an i-pad from "the best Dad in the whole world". Kate's face says it all...
We spent the morning enjoying our new things. Rachel and her doll Jessica, who has a whole new wardrobe, read for a while. Rae has suddenly moved from early reader books to the "chapter books" she has longed to read for years.
Kate curled up with a new extreme dot-to-dot book.
We had lunch at Granny and Poppy's, with Robie and Brandon and the Chicago cousins. We ate and visited a bit and then it was time for round two of gifts.

Katherine had asked for cowgirl boots. She and Granny went shopping over Thanksgiving break, and Kate has been patiently waiting ever since to wear her new boots.
Granny knows Rachel is in love with all things Frozen, so she gave her Anna and Elsa dolls. Rae was quite pleased!
My sister spent a lot of time trying to find gifts for Katherine. She's at an awkward age and doesn't even know what she wants. As usual, Robie was right on, as this is how Kate spent a good chunk of the afternoon!
Christmas evening, Steve's family gathered for more food and round three of gifts.

Steve's mom has made all of her grandchildren knitted afghans. This year it was my girls' turn. Rachel's blanket is pink and purple.
Katherine's blanket is turquoise and gray. They were both really excited about these!
It was a long, full, exciting day. My girls were able to spend time with all of their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and first cousins in the same day and that is something special. Merry Christmas!

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