Sunday, November 23, 2014

Rainbow Rachel

Today is Rachel's 7th birthday. She has been talking about this non-stop for the past two weeks and has spent the last two days in full level excitement mode. Turning 7 is a BIG deal!

Rae decided she wanted a "rainbow party" and Katherine wanted to be a part of the baking and decorating. We made rainbow cupcakes with white cake and a lot of food coloring - not hard, but it did use every bowl in the kitchen!
The finished cupcakes were so bright and cheery.
Yesterday, Rachel invited some of her friends over to Granny and Poppy's house for the long-awaited Rainbow Party. Katherine hung a streamer rainbow from a doorway.

The girls arrived, full of giggles and lots of energy. They painted rainbows...
and made Kool-aid playdough in rainbow colors...
and ate their rainbow cupcakes with a side of Skittles.

At our house, there are not gifts at friend parties. Instead, the girls choose a charity or good cause and ask for donations. Rae wanted to help babies in China, so she collected money for a baby in a Love Without Boundaries healing home. Her friends gave her money for her collection box, but they also brought her hair clips and necklaces and other little gifts. Rachel was so pleased.
The weather was nice, so the girls went outside to play.
Rachel thought the whole event was fabulous!
Today, after Sunday school and church and Christmas pageant practice and all the rest of the ususal Sunday schedule, the family got together to celebrate Miss Rae turning 7. That meant that Kate and I had to get out the bowls and food coloring and cake batter again.
This is the only cake I know that is beautiful before you bake it!
Rachel insisted that opening presents needed to be first thing on the party agenda.
She had no specific wants for gifts, so she was happy with everything she received - books, princess legos, doll clothes. She was particularly intrigued with some little birds that sing and can record and say short phrases.
Then it was time to blow out 7 candles...
...and eat that beautiful cake!

7 is looking mighty sweet for this girl. I sure do love my Rainbow Rachel.


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