Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Aquarium Life

I have always loved aquariums. Maybe it's because Kansas is a looong way from the ocean. Maybe it's because it's a lot easier to actually see marine animals there than in an actual ocean (safer, too). But I think mostly it's because there are so many strange creaturesat aquariums and well, I like weird animals.
Tropical fish and corals are just so beautiful!
Starfish are so much more interesting seen from underneath.
Lionfish - elaborately frilled and venomous.
I think a lot of ocean creatures look like something Dr. Seuss would have drawn.
Sea cucumbers are just...strange.
It's Nemo and his dad!
I have no idea what this unfortunate looking critter is, but he does have some fabulous eyes!

The jellyfish were incredibly beautiful.
And now for my favorite marine animal, the moray eel!
I am aware that no one else is a fan of eels. In fact, most people are repulsed by them.
I know that they are covered in slime and are an ugly shade of bile green. I know they have needle-like teeth and a second set of jaws (all the better to drag their prey into their gullets). I know they shock fish (and people) with their own personal electrical current and eat poisonous critters, which then makes them poisonous. I know they lack fins and scales and have a weird hole in their sides instead of gills. I know that pretty much everything about them is creepy.
But I love them anyway. They're kind of disgusting and completely fascinating - an irresistible combination. I liked this eel so much I had my picture taken with him. Cheese!

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