Sunday, October 5, 2014

Farm Friends

Katherine's good friend Henry lives on a farm about half an hour from our house. His family threw a big party today and invited everyone they knew. The girls and I went and had a grand time!

Kate was so glad to see Henry again. She loves her new school, but she misses her old friends.
There was a big picnic, with beef and pork raised on the farm and long rows of dishes provided by everyone else. We ate until we were bursting and then went off to explore the farm and its many inhabitants.

The farm has both dairy and beef cattle, but they wanted nothing to do with the party and spent their time hanging out on the far side of the pasture.
But there were plenty of other animals to see. Pigs...
cranky ducks...
baby chicks...
lazy dogs...
I saw plenty of uninvited critters, too. Like grasshoppers...
garden spiders...
and assassin bugs.
There were hay bales set up so that the kids could watch a cool science show.
Doc Gizmo was quite entertaining and very bright!
My girls were captivated.
Once the show was over, the kids all gravitated toward the giant hay bales. I don't know who helped Rae up on the bales, but once there she was fearless!
That's my Rae girl!
She was glad to give her sister a hand, too.
Then they could both jump from bale to bale.
And enjoy the feeling of being five foot in the air.
Kate always loves being on a farm and she loved hanging out with Henry again.
It was a pretty terrific way to spend the afternoon!

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