Saturday, August 16, 2014

Asian Market at Botanica

Our favorite botanical gardens had an Asian Market this evening, with vendors selling food and trinkets and groups providing entertainment. Despite hot, steamy weather, we loaded up and went.

The girls were delighted to have a chance to wear their fancy Chinese clothes. Rachel's outfit was from her province and I've never seen anything like it anywhere else!
Katherine has outgrown all of her little girl silks and now shops the women's section of Chinese shops. Her newest blouse is gorgeous, and so grown up.
There were food vendors selling all sorts of Asian food - Chinese, Malaysian, Filipino, Taiwanese. We bought an assortment to share. Rice, noodles, egg rolls, dumplings, tea eggs, mochi balls, curry puffs, and the lovely coconut flavored jello stuff were all a hit!
This was Kate's ideal meal - lots of interesting tastes and textures.
Rachel was happy to sample food, sit on all the adults' laps, and play with Granny's camera.
After we finished eating, there was a lion dance performance. These lions were amazing!
There were also traditional dance performances by dancers of various ages, all in beautiful costumes.
It was too miserably hot and humid to explore the gardens, but I did make sure to visit the water lillies. I can never get enough of them!

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