Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Zapata Falls

This is the final chapter of the vacation blog!

We had heard there was a cool waterfall near the sand dunes, so we decided to go see it. The description we'd been given was to take a little mountain road a few miles and then hike half a mile to the falls. We were confident that we could manage that. Well, the mountain road was an unpaved, very rocky collection of hairpin curves. Not an easy road.
And the trail was steep, unshaded, and precariously rocky. Not an easy trail. But we hiked it anyway, all the way to a beautiful mountain stream.
The girls were enchanted! We could hear the waterfall around the bend and the only way to get there was to climb the mossy ledge by the creek. So we did.
Eventually, we realized that the only way we could reasonably reach the falls was to just wade right in to that shockingly cold water. So we did.
Then we stood there in the mist, listening to the pounding of the water, and savored the awesomeness of what we had accomplished. At least until our feet turned numb.
It was so worth the hike!
We thought that this would be our last big adventure of the trip. We were wrong. On the way back down that awful road, our car blew a tire.
That led to more mundane adventures. Like a trip back into town and a new set of tires. No one was hurt and it all worked out. We were fine. (And if you ever need tires or a mechanic in Alamosa, Colorado we highly recommend Chapparrel Tire - they were incredibly kind and efficient!) It did make heading home sound pretty good, though.

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