Monday, July 7, 2014

Sand Dunes

We said goodbye to New Mexico and drove to southern Colorado. As a child, my parents had taken my sister and I to Great Sand Dunes National Park, near Alamosa, and I remember it as being great fun. Steve and I went to the dunes on our honeymoon and had a lot of fun. Now it was time to take our girls there. Of all the places we visited on our trip, this was the one the girls were most excited about seeing.

The sand dunes don't look like much, at first. You drive through a desert plain with mountains in the distance on all sides. Eventually, you notice a smudge of tan at the base of one mountain range. Then you realize that the tan hills are sand dunes. Huge sand dunes! Miles of them!
The sand is smooth and fine and the vastness of the dunes is astonishing.
The girls grabbed their shovels and we started walking toward the dunes.
Steve walked for a few minutes and then he couldn't help himself - he just had to run. He was soon just a tiny green dot in the distance!
After a while, he came back and collected the girls. Mom and I watched as they disappeared over a dune.
Then we sat and buried our feet and admired the view.
The patterns of sand and wind and footprints were quite fascinating.
Eventually Steve and the girls reappeared and we watched them climb up and down dunes. Climbing in sand is hard work!

But it is also a lot of fun!
I didn't plan on us all wearing matching clothes, but it worked out nicely. Here we are, a filthy, sweaty, happy family!

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