Thursday, July 17, 2014

Miss Kate

Katherine is at one of those awkward crossroads of life, right now. She has finished with elementary school and is about to start intermediate school. She is alternately little girl sweet and teenage surly. At a church gathering this week, she bounced between playing with the kids and hanging out with the grown ups.  She can't decide is she is a kid...
or something... more.
And although she is still balanced somewhere in between,
...every day I see her tip more to the "something other."
We are enduring our share of tween drama,
and there are days when Kate is banished to her room for my own sanity.
But admidst the frustration and impatience, I catch glimpses of the young woman she will some day be...
...and that girl is pretty amazing!
At our Botanica shoot, Katherine kept asking to borrow a camera so that she could take pictures of flowers. Her photos were really quite good.
At one point the revelation occurred to her that "taking pictures is way more fun than posing for them." Well, yes! I've known that for a long time!
Granny and I are thinking maybe we've managed to pass the "photography gene" on to another generation!

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