Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fiber Arts Center

After our morning in the weaving shops, we ate lunch at the famous Rancho de Chimayo.
We sat on the patio and stuffed ourselves with green chile and sopaipillas and admired a lizard on the wall behind us. And I failed to take a single picture of any of it. I did take this shot of the ristras, strings of dried chile peppers, hanging from the roof.
Then we waddled into the town of Espanola to visit the Fiber Arts Center. It was part store, part classroom, and part studio. The center teaches classes in various fiber arts, including weaving, and had a huge collection of looms.
There was studio space set up for individual artists, a room just for dyeing wool, and new space being set up for wool felting. You could buy looms and spinning wheels and contraptions for winding yarn into skeins. It was all quite fascinating! There was wool, some of it local, sold by the basketful and ready to be spun into yarn.
The store sold supplies for knitting, crocheting, and colcha (traditional embroidery). And, of course, lots and lots of yarn.
You could buy hand dyed yarn...
...or raw wool to dye yourself.
It was so interesting just to walk around the wool displays and touch all the different kinds, from rough to fantastically soft.
I don't sew or quilt, knit or crochet, spin or weave or embroider. (Although this place made me wish I did.) But the colors and textures of all those yarns were oh, so beautiful. This was like dessert for the eye!

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