Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer Activities

The girls have been busy with library, summer rec, and art classes which makes all of us happier. We just do better when we have some place to go each day!

As part of the library's summer reading program, Rachel has a list of things to do each week. Most of the suggestions are to spend time reading or being read to,  but there are other activities, too. Last week on item was to talk a walk and keep a list of the birds, plants, and bugs that you see. So we packed a notebook and pencil and some mini guide books and walked to a nearby yard that is almost entirely wild flowers. Rachel was delighted with the idea of identification guides - you can look at a plant in front of you and find a picture of it in the book!
We went to the family event at the library last night to see the Bug Lady. I didn't take pictures, but the girls will happily tell you about her tarantulas, scorpions, and centipedes and are quite pround of themselves for touching her snake, hairless rat, and assorted cockroaches!

Rachel took swimming lessons, which she loved.
She listened to the teacher and did what she was told, but taking pictures of her in the pool is always a challenge because she spends 90% of her time like this...
My little fish just loves to swim!
Both girls have taken some art classes. They haven't made any finished projects worth saving, but they've had a grand time getting messy.

The girls have also been taking tennis lessons. They get up every morning and walk themselves to the tennis courts near our house. Katherine loves tennis.
She is serious and focused and works hard to learn what her coach is trying to teach.
She gets stronger and more graceful every year.
I think she has found her sport...
Rachel, on the other hand, sees tennis as a social opportunity.
Oh, she listens to the coaches...
...and hits the ball when it's her turn...
...but it's still mostly about making friends.
Oh well, she's happy!

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