Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Our local public library runs fabulous children's programs all summer. There are activities and reading programs for various ages, free movies, fun educational programs, and more. We always look forward to going to the library, but summers are especially fun. Last night was the big summer kick-off event at the library and since this summer's theme is all about science, it was called Science-palooza.

The library opened up after hours (and after my girls' bedtimes) for a giant science party. Steve had his telescope from school and a smaller spotting scope set up so people could look at the moon and Jupiter and, I'm guessing, the watertower across the road.
Katherine was happy to stand nearby and help focus and monitor the spotting scope.
Rachel really enjoyed a "chemistry" booth where she squirted vinegar at a "rock" made of baking soda. The "rock" fizzed and bubbled away, revealing plastic glow-in-the-dark bugs. Lots of smelly fun!
Inside the building were all sorts of hands-on science activities set up on tables and booths. You could draw a constellation and make leaf rubbings. You could also eat a popsicle. The girls both enjoyed the "robotics" table, where they made marshmallow and pretzel stick creations.

The homemade harmonica/kazoos were also a hit.
Yeah, science!
And three cheers for public libraries!

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