Saturday, June 28, 2014

Santa Fe

We just returned from a vacation with my parents. We visited Santa Fe and other parts of Northern New Mexico and portions of Colorado and had a wonderful time! It was the first time the girls had been to New Mexico (and Rachel's first to Colorado), seen antelope, tasted green chile, or waded in a mountain stream and they loved it all! This will be the first of many blog posts about our trip.

It takes about 12 hours to drive from our house to Santa Fe, so even spread out over two days it is a loooong trip. The first morning in Santa Fe we visited the Plaza, the oldest part of the city and a big tourist attraction.

Rachel loved admiring the jewelry being sold by Indians under the arcade along one side of the plaza. She bought a little beaded bracelet and has proudly worn it every day since.
We wandered in and out of the interesting little shops and galleries that line the square. There was a wonderful little toy store that encouraged shoppers to try out the toys.
In a fabulous rock/fossil/gem shop Rachel found some cool dinosaur fossils from the same Chinese province that she is from!
Katherine really wanted to go inside the cathedral near the Plaza, so we did.
It really was beautiful, although the French style seemed odd in Spanish/Indian Santa Fe. My girls, being Methodist, are quite mystified by Catholic sanctuaries.
We had lunch at a restaurant Steve found called Rooftop Pizza. Rachel was rather disappointed that we ate on a balcony and not on the actual roof!
It was a gourmet pizza place, with pizza toppings ranging from green chile to duck to truffle oil. Steve was a bit overwhelmed. I thought it was fascinating. Mom and I ordered a pizza with artichoke hearts, squash, pesto, sun dried tomatoes, and roasted garlic - delicious!
The Plaza is a great place to people watch (or dog watch - we saw a dog wearing sunglasses!) but it is expensive, so you need to be a lot wealthier than we are to shop there. It was a fun place to spend a morning, though!

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