Saturday, June 28, 2014

Santa Fe Children's Museum

After our morning on the Plaza, we decided to visit the Children's Museum. It was small, but interesting, with some unusual exhibits.

One of the first areas had magnetic nuts you could make into sculptures.
Steve and Poppy were as intrigued as Katherine!
There were bubbles of various sorts.
There was outdoor painting...
...and a puppet theater.
Katherine and Steve were entertained by making sand designs with a pendulum...
...and by some little machines that sent wooden pegs through pneumatic tubes that circled around the wall.
Rachel was completely fascinated by Cornelius the corn snake and spent a long time petting him!
But the girls' favorite exhibit was a contraption of ropes and weights and chairs. They sat in the chair and had to pull themselves up by the ropes, which varied in difficulty. They loved this and went back to it several times!

Santa Fe is a cool place to look and eat and PLAY!

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