Monday, June 30, 2014


Jackalope is a retail establishment in Santa Fe.  My mom describes is as "not so much a store as an experience" and that is true! Jackalope is a series of buildings and outdoor display areas selling everything you can imagine (except food) from countries all over the world.

 It doesn't matter if you actually buy anything, shopping at Jackalope is an adventure! Here are some of the things you can purchase there:

Giant statue of a jackalope.
Terra cotta suns for your patio wall.
Lots of them.
No, really, lots of beads!
Lovely Day of the Dead skeleton statues with butterfly print dresses.
Musical instruments.
Birdbaths and garden pots (some of them as tall as me or wide enough for the whole family to sit in).
Glass baubles and weird graden sculptures. There is a resident glass blower, but he was gone the afternoon we visited.
A Chinese palanquin.
Katherine's dream bed.
Not to mention Mexican glassware, statues of saints, Tibetan prayer flags, sequin studded skirts, Oriental rugs, fake antique Chinese cupboards, Guatemalan cloth, antique doors, stagecoaches, woven placemats, wall sconces, patio furniture... This place has everything!

There are also items that are NOT for sale. Like this gigantic chair.
Rachel's favorite part of Jackalope was the prairie dog exhibit. ( I do not know why they keep prairie dogs. And no, you can't purchase them!)
The prairie dogs were half tame and well fed.
And there were babies!
The one thing Jackalope does not sell is food, which was a good thing, as we would have spent far longer there if our stomachs hadn't started growling. If you are ever in Santa Fe, you must visit Jackalope! It's an experience!

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