Monday, June 30, 2014


I love the flora of New Mexico. Even in the desert there are so many interesting and beautiful plants! My family can attest that my mom and I were just a little obssessed with taking pictures of plants on this trip...

Pinecone. I love the way this type of pine produces cones that look as if they have been painted.
These were the craziest yucca I had ever seen! I could clearly see why they were once used to make rope.
The bees like lavender, too!
"Pod plant". I have no idea what this shrub is, but I thought the tiny pea-like pods were interesting.
Apache plume. This shrub is used extensively in landscaped areas of Santa Fe. I was totally fascinated by its feathery blooms.
Century plant. This was the weirdest, and probably the rarest, plant we saw! It is a type of agave that blooms only once in its 10-30 year life span. Fittingly enough, this one was at Jackalope. Here is a shot of the whole plant to give you an idea of how tall it was!
It really looked like something Dr. Seuss would have dreamed up!
High desert beauty.

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